Zhaoxun Yun (simplified Chinese: 云昭勋; former known as: 云里; born March 12,1980 in Baoji, China) is a filmmaker and TV drama producer in China. To date, he has produced more than fifteen movies and over two hundred episodes of TV drama series.

In 2001, when Yun’s script for “Paper Plane” earned him the prestigious Shanghai Script Award, which drew industry attention and led to invitations from two of China’s premier institutions: The Beijing Film Academy and The Central Academy Of Drama. After graduating from Beijing Film Academy in 2006, Yun began his career as an assistant to renowned Chinese filmmakers, including Liu Miaomiao, Bai Hong, and Wei Ren. These experiences provided him with invaluable insights into the art of filmmaking and production.

In 2011, Yun served as a Production Coordinator for the television drama “Guo Men Ying Xiong,” which received the esteemed Prize for a feature-length TV series at the 29th Flying Apsaras Awards. Subsequently, Yun joined Ciwen Media, one of China’s largest publicly traded film and television companies, as a producer.

In 2013, Yun took on the role of Line Producer for the television drama “Ju Chang,” which garnered accolades at the 22nd Magnolia Awards and the 14th Gold Panda Awards.

In 2016, Yun established his film production company. His debut work, “Putong Putong Hua Shao Nian,” achieved impressive viewership ratings when it aired on Tencent Video, showcasing his ability to resonate with audiences. In 2019, Yun’s film “Drug War 1999” received the Best Screenplay Award at the 28th China TV Golden Eagle Award, a testament to his storytelling prowess.

Having achieved recognition with numerous top professional awards in China, Yun made the move to the United States in July 2020. He was invited to serve as a film festival judge for the Los Angeles CineFest in 2021-2022.

In a recent interview, Yun candidly expressed concerns about the restrictive environment for filmmakers in China, stating, “Demands for political obedience in the film and television industry, coupled with a censorship regime stricter than even Iran’s, are transforming China’s creative landscape into a desert.”


Xi’an University of Finance and EconomicsXUFE
1999-2002, Finance Degree
Beijing Film Academy BFA
2004-2006, Bachelor of Arts Degree


Film festival Judge (2021-2022)
Los Angeles CineFest
Producer, Manager (2013-2020)
Ciwen Media
Movies and TV series (2008-2020)
Participated in the production of more than a dozen movies and about 150 episodes of TV series. IMDb number: 10377186
Teacher (2007-2008 )
Feishi International Film and Television Academy, taught the English Film Appreciation
TV station staff (2002-2004)
ShaanXi Broadcasting Corporation,SXBC


The King of Disaster (2019,Release)│ Producer
Go for Gold (2018)│ Production Manager
Putong Putong Hua Shao Nian (2017) │ Producer
Love is So Beautiful (2016) TV Series 1-36 Episodes │ Line Producer
Ju Chang (2014) TV Series 1-34 Episodes│ Line Producer
Cheng Guan Zai Shen Bian (2012) TV Series 1-24 Episodes│ First Assistant Director
National Heros (2011) TV Series 1-24 Episodes 1-46 │ Production Coordinator
The Story of a Piano (2010) │ Assistant Producer
Hu Du (2009) │ First Assistant Director
Sincere Love (2009) │ First Assistant Director
Mangrove Forests on the Sea (2008) │ First Assistant Director, Casting Director
Smiling Bracelet (2008) │ Second Assistant Director
Uptown Girl and Donetown Girl (2008) │ Second Assistant Director
The Game Sports (2007) │ Production Coordinator, Script Supervisor
The Mountain Have No Words (2005) │ Assistant Director


The 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival │ 2019
“Flying Egret Award” of Screenwriter
The first Sports Film and Television Works of the State Sports General Administration│ 2017
“Top Ten” Award
The 11th National Film Production Industry │ 2017
Top Ten TV Drama Award
The 14th Sichuan TV Festival “Golden Panda” │ 2017
Feature TV Drama Awar
The 22nd Shanghai Magnolia Award │ 2016
Best TV Drama Nomination Award
The 29th Chinese TV series “Flying Award” │ 2013
The Prize of feature-length TV series


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Zhaoxun, YUN-Wing Lea (IMDb)
Zhaoxun, YUN-Wing Lea (Maoyan.com)
Zhaoxun, YUN-Yun Li (Facebook)