Yujie Yun is a boy who loves sports. On November 16, 2022, his name, stored in digital form on Artemis-I, was launched to the moon from Kennedy Space Center, traveling 1.3 million miles. He is one of the few Chinese elementary school students who participated in NASA Deep Space Exploration.

NASA boarding pass for Yujie Yun

Yujie Yun’s English name is Yojay Wynn. This name is based on the pronunciation of his Chinese name. Many of his friends call him Yojay Wynn, and he likes it.

Wynn was born on September 26, 2012, in China. His father is Zhaoxun Yun, a filmmaker. Up to now, his father has participated in producing more than fifteen movies and over two hundred episodes of TV drama series. His mother is a Tibet. An ethnic dancer and choreographer. His mother has performed over four hundred shows and toured nine countries and regions. After Wynn’s parents divorced in 2014, the judge ruled sole custody of him to his father by the court decision, he lived with his father.

The Ping-pong

Yojay Wynn playing Ping-pong

When Wynn was two years old, his grandpa saw his athleticism because Wynn won The Urban Toddler Crawl Contest. In 2018, Wang Yuan and his wife, who finished third in the Men’s singles at the National Championship, enlightened him on Ping-pong. After three months of training, Wynn was recommended to Guo Yan by his father’s friend Ma Wenge.

LEFT: Yojay Wynn with Guo.
RIGHT: Wynn’s father with Ma.

Guo ranked 2nd in the ITTF world ranking, is a two-time winner of the World Cup. Ma won the Men’s singles in the Table Tennis World Cup. In 2019, Wynn won his first medal in a competition.

Yojay Wynn won his first medal, 2nd place in the Ping-pong Club Cup, C Group, at Beijing on August 17, 2019.

The Soccer

Wynn’s father is a soccer fanatic, and Wynn started with soccer when he was about three years old. Then he was sent by his father to play soccer in a community soccer club.

Yojay Wynn was trained at the Yong Soccer Club.

At the beginning of 2019, Wynn received soccer training every weekend at The British School of Beijing until the Covid-19 epidemic breakout. During this time, he won his firt soccer gold medal.

Yojay Wynn won his first soccer gold medal in Nke Football Autumior Cup on November 3, 2019.
LEFT: Yojay Wynn Kingdergarten graduation, July 2018.
RIGHT: Yojay Wynn with his class soccer team won in The Ninth “John Ma Cup” Football League on July 8, 2022.

After kindergarten, Wynn entered Tsinghua University Primary School Beijing CBD Branch for elementary study. He won two-time with his class soccer team in 2021 and 2022. Position of Wynn is a goalkeeper, and he won the golden glove for the best goalkeeper at The Ninth “John Ma Cup” Football League of THU Primary School.

Yojay Wynn, in the middle of the photo, won with his class soccer team in The Eighth “John Ma Cup” Football League on June 8, 2021.

The Chinese Violin

Like most children, Wynn likes to explore some musical instruments that interest him, such as drum set, piano, guitar, etc. When he was nine years old, he joined the Chinese violin club at school, and now he can play many songs by himself.

Yojay Wynn playing Chinese violin, September 22. 2022

The Drawing

As a filmmaker, many of his father’s friends are writers, musicians, sculptors, painters, and actors. Following his father, Wynn often visits these artists’ studios or attends their home parties. And he showed a passion for drawing from an early age. From the age of five, he received formal artistic training in oil training at LIKE ART of Beijing 798 Art Zone. In October 2019, he won The Second Prize in the 11th Children’s International Public Welfare Painting Competition.

LEFT: Five-year-old Wynn was showing his own oil painting.
RIGHT: Yojay Wynn’s certification in the 11th Children’s International Public Welfare Painting Competition in 2019.

The Others

According to the list of the “Top 100 Most Influential Primary and Secondary Schools in China in 2018” released by the Academy of Principal State, a well-known educational think tank in China, Wynn’s elementary school that he is studying is ranked number one in China. The school’s philosophy is “To make the foundation of life for the noble character, let children stand in the center of the school, and cultivate people with an international perspective.”

Wynn received an enrich and varied education, participating in the school’s extensive “X Programs” such as baking, kickboxing, storytelling club, and more.

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